5 Great Sites to give you back your Free Time



Managing your social media efforts may make you feel like you need to be online 24 hours a day … to keep up with new developments, to learn how to use all the relevant platforms to their best potential, to find all the interesting and useful content, to follow and be followed…. the list is as long as the stress associated with trying to keep up!

We are but mere mortals.

There seems to be new sites every day that can affect how you work.

But how to keep up? Yes, you can avidly read mashable, social media examiner, SEOmoz,  and the rest – they really help. You just need to be able to filter through to what you really need to read.

Aim to become slightly ‘whale-like’ in your reading habits.

Sift through the masses of information available and find the useful, relevant, clever, recent content that inspires you and motivates you to move forwards.

Here are some great places to go to help:

1. Google reader – add all of your favourite blogs here and you will be able to skim through to the articles that interest you. This is important if you are also writing – as it will become apparent how important the title of your article really is, as often this is all that will get read!

2. dropbox – an online storage space. It is a free service that allows you to store all of your files, photos and videos in one place, and enables their use from desktop to phone to sharing with others.

3. Bottlenose – discover what’s emerging and trending in your area of interest and monitor your own social media efforts.

4. Hootsuite – with a dashboard that allows you to manage multiple platforms all on one page, schedule posts and keep track of reading matter – a great place to hang out!

5. commun.it – in their words “Whom to follow, whom to reply, whom to thank” … manage multiple Twitter profiles and team members …. A few minutes a day will keep you on top of your ‘Twitter-self.’

Time is precious.

Family and friends come first.

Make sure you are making the most of all the tools available – to give you enough time to keep in touch with your real-life friends, to enjoy quality family time and to sit down and share food together!


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  1. Thank you for the helpful links, Jennifer!


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